Peace on Earth?

I am horrified. I’m sure you are, too. If you’re not, it’s only because you’ve chosen to block it out. The world, that is. Understandably so if you have. It’s crazy out there.… Continue reading

We Have Moved!

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What Will You Pay?

I’ve been following Jesus for ten years. However, I wonder – if I had it to do over again, would I? I ponder the thought and ultimately come to one conclusion: Yes. I’m… Continue reading

My Struggle with Body Image

By Diane A. Watt Like most women, I struggle with body image. After all, I’m not a stick. I’m 5’3” and weigh between 135 and 140 pounds. I have curves, and not necessarily… Continue reading

Advent: He’s Coming

Jesus came the first time. Do you believe He won’t come a second time? After all, He said He would. The Bible records Jesus’ second coming over eight times more than His first.… Continue reading

Thank You!

Rapture Watch

Lately, I’ve been gazing at the sky, half expecting Jesus to return any minute. After all, our world is crumbling. I won’t begin to list our endless problems; they probably wouldn’t fit on… Continue reading

Fear Not

The world is becoming a scary place. Between ISIS, the Paris attacks, beheadings, and other terrifying situations, we don’t know if we’re coming or going. Not that it wasn’t scary before. It seems… Continue reading

Owning Scripture

We could be so much more powerful than we are. After all, we were created to be warriors. However, we often choose the less-effective life: defeat, worry, sorrow. We hem and haw when… Continue reading

Three Keys to Receiving God’s Guidance

With God’s help, you will always be successful. Doors will open instead of close. Your plans will not be frustrated. Opportunities will abound. You may not become a billionaire, but your needs will… Continue reading